The University of Texas Symphony Orchestra (UTSO) and The University of Texas University Orchestra (UTUO) consist of the finest string, wind, and percussion musicians on the campus of UT Austin. Giving at least ten concerts per season, the two orchestras perform a repertoire covering a 350-year span that allows for student musicians to collaborate and perform for audiences in the local Austin area and beyond.

The Symphony Orchestra consists primarily of graduate and undergraduate music majors in the Butler School of Music and performs three concerts per semester. Large masterworks, new and emerging works for orchestra, and standard literature make up the repertoire of the orchestra, and collaborations with faculty in the Butler School and professional musicians from around the county are a regular occurrence. The UTSO additionally features student musicians in the Butler School annually as part of concerto competitions held in each instrument area.

The University Orchestra consists of a wide range of majors from all over the UT campus, and presents a similar balance of repertoire performed at a very high level. Led by graduate students in orchestral conducting, this ensemble rehearses in the evenings and gives two concerts per semester.

The Butler School of Music offers both master’s (MM) and doctoral (DMA) degrees in orchestral conducting for qualified applicants. Information on how to audition and apply for these programs can be found on our Prospective Students page.

Additional information on how to audition for and enroll in the Symphony Orchestra and University Orchestra is available through the Butler School of Music, as well as an annual calendar of performances.