Audition Excerpt Music, by Instrument.

In addition to the listed excerpts, applicants should prepare a 2-3 minute solo of your choice demonstrating lyrical and technical proficiency. To schedule an audition, CLICK HERE.

Bass excerpts fall 2017

BASS TROMBONE 2017 excerpts v2

BASSOON EXCERPTS 2017 v2 – If you are interested in performing Contra bassoon, please notify us at the audition.

Cello excerpts fall 2017 v2

Clarinet excerpts fall 2017 – If you are interested in performing bass clarinet, please prepare the soprano and bass clarinet audition excerpts.

Flute excerpts fall 2017 – If you are interested in performing piccolo, please prepare the flute and piccolo audition excerpts.

French Horn Excerpts UTUO 2017 v2

Harp Fall 2017 v2

Oboe excerpts fall 2017

Piccolo excerpts fall 2017

TROMBONE UTUO FALL 2017 Exceprts v2

Trumpet excerpts UTUO Fall 2017 v2

Tuba 2017 UTUO Excerpts v2

Viola excerpts fall 2017

Violin excerpts fall 2017

Percussion – Please email us at to let us know of your interest in auditioning.

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